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This free tool from Yell will check the performance of your website and highlight changes to improve your search engine visibility, mobile optimisation, website security, page speed and other key online measurements.

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Social media

Website speed

Optimise your website for mobile devices to get a better weighting from search engines

Retain existing followers and raise engagement with an active social media presence

Check your top Google Ads search terms (UK adverts only) and use tools to identify trends and errors

Improve your business ranking and keeps users from leaving with a faster site


Find positive online reviews to boost your local search results and ranking

Thin content

Avoid Google penalties with rich content such as text, images and headers

Organic search

Check how many organic search visits you get and your top organic search keywords

Unique titles

Drive and increase clicks to your website with unique titles and meta descriptions

Google Ads and analytics


Help visitors navigate and understand your web content with well-defined internal links, keywords and image alt text

Ensure your website is built to modern coding best practice such as semantic HTML

Quality code

Give your website a boost

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